About Us

Who we are?


We are color stone dealer and manufacture  A-Z which is Alexandrite to Zircon.. amoung those few stones are our speciality



Vettri Gems was founded by Haja M Ravuter in 1990 ,Jaipur India,We are Primarily  manufacturer of Alexandrite from the rough, we have been started to do trade show around the world since 1994, due to high demand of natural and rare Alexandrite ,we have decided to move our main office to the great financial city of New York in the year 2000, still all our manufacturing unit remain in Jaipur


Our primary  business is supplier of unique & exotic semi precious stone in calibrated sizes 90 % rest of them is single stones. 


Why Vettri Gems?   When many of them on the market place....


1. Very competitive price for all stones and out standing Customer service.


2.Consistance stone supply of when there is back oder occurred  unexpected. we will not increase the price even they is price increase on the market.


3. we can sells to you per stone/piece price  or set price  or carat price so you can control your production cost.


4. We always dealing with unique stone in calibrated size.


5. we are direct importer and manufacturer so you can get lowest price possible because there is no middle man between direct source and us,


6. Unique and exotic gems stones are our speciality. 


7. We have almost every shape of Alexandrite from 1 to 5mm.

Square, Trillion,Marquise,Heart shape, Rectangle,Pear shape, Round, Oval.


8. Same day shipping if we received your order before 5pm.


9. We have certified gemologist in our office, so we can answer all your questions.


10. we are members of highly reputable membership organization like